Monthly Luncheons


Each month, the Sarasota Newcomers Club has a monthly luncheon meeting. Venues from around the community host SNC's monthly meetings/luncheons.  Our Luncheons feature guest speakers who enlighten and entertain us about the arts, culture, local events or history of the exciting city we live in. The months we don't have a speaker we may have a fashion show or charity event. After lunch, the Club's business is discussed in a friendly social setting and affords a relaxed atmosphere to get to know each other. Except for couples, seating is always assigned randomly so members have the greatest chance of meeting lots of new people.

The Club sponsors a monthly 50/50-style raffle at the luncheons with half the proceeds donated to SNC's sponsored charity for that year. This money is presented to the charity at last luncheon of the SNC year. The Club also has volunteers who offer their time and talents to these local charities. 

A reservation is required 7 days in advance of each luncheon.   If interested in attending a lunch as a prospective new member, please contact our Membership Chair, at

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers from Sarasota and the surrounding area enlighten and entertain  SNC members at each of its monthly luncheons. The Sarasota Newcomers Club invites representatives from area civic, social, and charitable organizations to bring their expertise and sometimes entertainment to the Club's attention.
The Luncheons are a unique opportunity to get to know the local area businesses, organizations, and  government in, arguably, one of the prettiest cities in the country.  It's also a great way to meet other members, both new and more established. We love to see many members at each luncheon.