Club Events

Special Interest



We are always happy to add more activities!

Book Clubs

            Couples Book Club

            Daytime Book Club

            Dinner Book Clubs

Breakfast Groups

            Ladies Breakfast Group

‚Äč            Men's Breakfast Group **

Cocktails and Socials

            Happy Hour

           TGIF monthly BYO cocktail party

Dining Groups

             Dining In Homes
            Dining Out at Restaurants

            Ladies Lunch Bunches


            Movie Time

           Chinese Mahjong

          Jazz Enthusiasts


           Beach Buddies

          Men's Golf


          Walking (the Big Bridge)

Social Events/Activities

- Discover the Area

- Arts & Cultural Events

- Community Tours

- Interesting Speakers

- Learn a New Skill

The Social Committee plans events and activities in the greater Sarasota area.

Club members have enjoyed cultural: events such as tours of The Cuban Ballet and The Asolo Theater as well as the Circus Arts Conservatory, or group seats at Pops Concerts.

Not only have members experienced nature such as Celery Fields Tour or Historic Spanish Point, but also learned from other resources in the area: Learn to Paint; Cortez Village; Wine Tasting; Florida Garden Advice and much more

Activities are fun and a great way to meet new people.

Monthly Luncheons

The Sarasota Newcomers Club has a monthly luncheon meeting at various venues around the community.  Our luncheons feature guest speakers who enlighten and entertain us about the arts, culture, local events as well as the history (or future) of Sarasota. Some months will have a fashion show or a 'mixer'. The Club's business is discussed in a friendly social setting with a relaxed atmosphere. Except for couples, seating is always assigned randomly so members have the greatest chance of meeting lots of new people.